TawLink is an ambitious project, but Combe Rail believe it would solve many of the area’s transport problems, and bring improved quality of life and much-needed economic regeneration. We therefore urge North Devon Council to:

  • commission a Pre-Feasibility Study
  • adopt the aspiration of TawLink light railway
  • prohibit any conflicting new developments
  • require passive provision in all new planning
  • eliminate obstacles through gradual renewal
  • Identify future funding sources

The protection of former railway routes is already recommended in the 2014 (draft) Local Plan:

  • 10.14 North Devon contains a number of disused railway tracks that have the potential to be brought back into either their original use or as recreational trails. Consequently, they will be safeguarded from developments that would prevent their reinstatement or reuse for recreation.
  • 10.14A A higher degree of protection is needed to provide adequate width and alignment for future reinstatement of railways (including) the Barnstaple – Braunton Line

We urge NDC to apply these policies rigorously.